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Immigration Services

Getting a Hungarian residency, including a Schengen visa is a complex matter and there are multiple possibilities how to do it. Your partner, FirmaX Hungary, has the right skills and expertise to successfully assist you in this process.

Possibilities are open to acquire residency through

• business ownership,
• family unification,
• student visa

Please contact us for a FREE consultation with our immigration expert lawyers to explore your possibilities.

We also can help you with work permits, employment paperwork, or citizenship application.

Services regarding address cards assistance are also available.

Business Immigration

Obtaining both temporary and permanent residence permits is possible in Hungary for business owners who actively manage their companies as directors or managing shareholders.

Conditions for business immigration permit are the followings:
• establish a Hungarian company;
• ongoing company address or virtual office services
• ongoing accounting / bookkeeping services
• preparation of a business plan.

Once your business permit is issued your spouse and children may also apply for family unification and come to Europe. This program is open to all nationalities. One director per company can get residency without a work permit if he or she has an active role in managing the company and has the required qualifications/experience. The other directors will need a work permit to become employed with the company. Alternatively you can have three Hungarian employees for every one director.

Business Immigration Basic Package: EUR 1.000,00

Thereafter, some additional documents need to be prepared (i.e. business plan) in order to be submitted to the Immigration Office. Please also note, however, that you will need to operate your company before we advise submitting application for residency, as you need to show that the company is prosperous and that your presence is necessary in Hungary to run it, as well as that the company will be able to sustain you financially.

Make the First Step!

To obtain the Business Visa, first you will need to register a Hungarian Company. This is now easier that ever before. Registration takes only a few days and is possible to complete remotely.

Please see our detailed guide on company formation in Hungary here:

Company Formation Hungary: Everything You Need to Know

Hungary offers its residents a prosperous business environment, an easy and central European location for your offices and low living costs for you and your family. You and your family will be able to move freely within the Schengen zone – Schengen Visa.

Please visit the download area in order to find more information about Hungarian corporate law and the Hungarian company registration. You can also download guides which will give you an insight into the necessary corporate requirements for the specific company forms in Hungary.

Why Hungary?

• Company registration in Hungary is easy and fast. It takes only 1 business day.
• The standard corporate income tax rate in Hungary is only 9%, which is the lowest corporate tax rate in the entire European Union.
• By having a business in Hungary you get an EU VAT number and are eligible to trade with other EU countries free of VAT.
• The minimum share capital you need to start your business is low (3,000,000 HUF) and does not need to be deposited.
• Both foreign individuals and legal entities can establish a Hungarian company. A single member, only one managing director is required to open your own Hungarian business.
• Hungary’s legal framework is stable and investor-friendly which allows you an easy and cost-effective registration and maintenance of your business.
• When incorporating a company in Hungary, you will get access to a mostly high-educated workforce. The English language is widely spoken in the business areas.
• The average wage is relatively low compared to the majority of other countries in the EU.
• Hungary has a favorable geographical position due to its location in the middle of Europe. The country possessed a developed transport and IT infrastructure, as well.
• Opening a company in Hungary offers you an opportunity to enter the European market as the country has been part of the European Union since 2004.

Did you know?

By holding a Hungarian passport it is possible to travel visa-free globally, including all European countries, the USA and Canada via a simplified visa procedure. Since Hungary is not involved in any international conflicts or border disputes, Hungarians can travel easily worldwide, making a Hungarian passport one of the top 10 passports in the world. With a Hungarian passport, you can also live and work throughout the EU.

Clients say about FirmaX:

“FirmaX is an excellent service provider for our business needs in Hungary. Their team is formed by hard working, very responsive and accessible professionals who know what they are doing at any moment. They provided us the solutions that we expected and the end result was just perfect.” – Oleg from Ukraine