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Licensing and Permitting Procedures

If you are planning to pursue a business in Hungary, in certain cases you may need to obtain a permit. Not only starting a construction requires a building permit, but opening up a bar, a restaurant, a real estate agency, a valuation company, a car rental or a hotel are all business activities which require approval from the competent authorities.

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FirmaX administrative and legal team helps clients

  1. to identify whether the planned business activity is conditional upon a permit, and if that is the case,
  2. we arrange for the necessary paperwork to be done in order to obtain the permit is due time.

Real estate projects

If you are planning to start a real estate project in Hungary, you are required to obtain certain obligatory permits to be allowed to do so. Upon starting the project you will first need a building permit to begin with the construction of the project. The building permit is often conditional on the approval of the neighbours, whose approval needs to be obtained before the building permit is issued. Upon completion of the construction, an occupancy permit is required in which the authority certifies the completion of the construction.

Regulated activities

In Hungary, there are some business activities that may only be performed if you hold the respective permit entitling you to do so. Such most common business activities are for example opening a pub, a music club, a restaurant or a real estate agency. FirmaX can help you to identify whether your business requires a permit and, if yes, to advise you on how such permit may be obtained.

Operation permit

Independently of what business you are in, when performing a retail activity, your business needs an operational permit. The operation permit is released by the local government and certifies that you are allowed to perform retail activities in your business premises.

FirmaX assistance

Obtaining the necessary permits and approvals on time is vital for starting your business project without delay. FirmaX technical expert team assists you to obtain the necessary permits and approvals for your planned business or project.

We assist in:

  • preparing licensing request
  • submitting the licensing request to authorities
  • maintaining contact with the responsible authorities
  • continuously coordinating the licensing process for fastest possible results
  • supervising licensing procedures
  • in case of building permits, coordinating with neighbours

Did you know?

Licensing procedures in Hungary have been much simplified in the last few months. In certain cases it is enough to notify the authority on the commencement of the activity so that no express approval needs to be obtained.

Clients say about FirmaX:

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