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Trade Registry Extract

Do you need information about your current or potential business partners? Want to be sure who your business partners are? In this case, as a first step, you should check the basic corporate data of that company. Such data is available in the publicly accessible company database.

Official Trade Registry Extract as of EUR 10,00

Both the trade registry extract and the certificate of good standing show the main data of a company, including basic data on the owners, the managing directors, the registered capital of that company and also a very important information: whether the company is subject to any kind of bankruptcy procedure in Hungary.

Checking these data is not only useful, but it is a must before signing a contract with your new business partner. There is no greater disappointment to experience that your business partner does not have a healthy financial standing and the necessary solvency to pay your invoices.

Certificate of Good Standing

A certificate of good standing allows verifying whether a company actually exists, has paid all its statutory duties, has met all of its filing obligations and, as a result, is authorized to conduct business in Hungary.

Trade Registry Extract

The certificate of good standing shall not be mixed up with the company registry extract, since the first does normally include more data than the latter. A company registry extract only indicates the main corporate data of the company and shows whether the company is actually operating or is subject to any kind of Hungarian bankruptcy proceeding.

Land Registry Extract / Property Sheet / Certificate of Title

The property sheet is an official document issued by the Land Registry that shows the basic physical and legal data of a real estate. A property sheet contains information about the location, size and type of that real estate and identifies the owner of the property. A property sheet also indicates if the property is encumbered by anything (e.g.: a mortgage or an easement right) or whether there is a court claim that affects the ownership of the real estate.

FirmaX administrative staff can provide you with both official and unofficial forms of:

  • certificate of good standing
  • trade registry extract
  • historical trade registry extracts
  • zero-tax certificate
  • real property sheets of real properties located in Hungary

Did you know?

As a special feature, the trade registry extract in Hungary indicates whether the company is subject to bankruptcy.

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“FirmaX offers great professional service for a good value, excellent communication and knowledge of what the client needs and very understanding and confidential treatment. “ – Thomas from London