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Notarization Assistance

When registering a company in Hungary, you do not need to travel to Hungary. You can easily and comfortably sign all necessary company registration documents in your home country and send them back to us via delivery service. In this case, however, the company incorporation documents will need to be notarized and apostilled.

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Notarization in your country

FirmaX can arrange for the legalization of the documents in your home country, by making an appointment at the notary office that is closest to your domicile. We coordinate the signing process with the local notary to assure that the company incorporation documents are properly signed and suitable for the Hungarian company registration procedure.

Notarization in Hungary

Upon request, we can arrange for the preparation of notarized and certified copies of all company incorporation and other documents. FirmaX also arranges for the official or the unofficial translation of any company formation documents or any other documents required by clients.

Did you know?

In Hungary, company formation documents do not need to be signed before the notary. The lawyer who is in charge of establishing your company and of preparing the company incorporation documents is entitled to certify your signature. This administrative easing will save you time and money during the company formation process.

Clients say about FirmaX:

“FirmaX Hungary provided my company with an excellent level of service and expertise. We found that setting up our new company in Hungary was a much simpler process than we had envisaged. It was also much cheaper since everything could be arranged from abroad.” – William from Manchester