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Bankruptcy Advisory

Are you chasing a claim of an insolvent debtor? Is the debtor already liquidated? Or is your business going down?

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In today’s challenging economic environment, the number of bankruptcies is increasing. Both creditors and debtors require expert assistance to defend their position throughout the bankruptcy process.

In Hungary, when a company is not able to fulfil its payment obligations, there are a number of procedures which may be initiated against that company to claim the outstanding debts. The proper management of such procedures makes a significant difference on the outcome and duration of such procedures.

If it is your company the one that is not any longer fit for profitable business operation, a timely reaction to that situation can not only save you money, but may also save your company.

FirmaX administrative accounting, tax expert and legal team can help you managing insolvent companies no matter whether it is your company which is indebted or a debtor owing you.

FirmaX insolvency advisory services include:

  • identifying situation threatening with insolvency
  • assistance in bankruptcy procedure
  • assistance in liquidation procedure
  • assistance in winding-up procedure
  • assistance in forced deletion procedure
  • creditor’s representation in bankruptcy or liquidation procedures
  • coordination with the bankruptcy administrator
  • court representation
  • organizing creditor’s meeting
  • preparation debt recovery proposals for creditors

Did you know?

When filing for bankruptcy, it’s important to consider your specific goals because there are many situations where bankruptcy laws are unable to provide relief from the debt.

Clients say about FirmaX:

“Timely and precise service, where the focus is the Client! Well done!” – Dylan from London