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Translation Services

No need to learn Hungarian! FirmaX business services include translation services, specializing in the translation of legal, tax and business related documents.

FirmaX provides translation services in cooperation with the translation office Business Translation Services or BTS, specialized in the translation of legal, financial and general business documents. Our working languages are English, German, Hungarian and Spanish. We translate into and from all these languages and cover all language combinations.

Our translator team includes solely highly qualified native speaker legal, tax and financial professionals who gained their high level language skills and obtained the necessary language terminology at reputable multinational advisory firms, financial institutions and law firms.

Needless to say: we treat all client documentation with maximum confidentiality. Our translators are bound to the strictest professional discretion and our document management system was developed with special focus on information protection. Should this not be enough and would you feel necessary to enter into a separate confidentiality agreement with us, we are happy to do so. Upon request, we provide you with our standard confidentiality agreement for conclusion.

Tips for getting best value for money out of your translation:

Always indicate the purpose, of the translation.

Documents for different purposes require different level of translation quality. You optimize our work and, thus, may reach significant savings in the translation fees if you properly indicate the purpose for which the translation is to be prepared.

Indicate the deadline within which the translation needs to be prepared.

BTS is capable to manage translation work on extreme short deadlines (e.g., overnight), but the general principle is: the shorter the deadline, the more expensive is the translation. Thus, if cost effectiveness is a paramount concern, always try to go for longer deadlines.

Try to provide us with the documents through an electronic channel (email of facsimile).

This will avoid unnecessary postal costs. If you have the source document only in hardcopy, it is worth to scan it and sent it to us via email instead of a postal letter. This also shortens the translation process, so in addition to save money, you also save time.

Supply us with any past translations that are connected in any way to the current translation work.

We can use as reference material any past documents that have been translated for You before. These can be extremely valuable for our translators: they can use them to better understand your style of writing and reproduce it in their translations, vastly improving the consistency of your published material.

Clients say about FirmaX:

“I contacted FirmaX on a translation matter on Friday evening a few weeks ago. The translation was ready on Monday morning in first class quality. Well done!” – Rudolf from Ingolstadt