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VAT Recovery in Hungary

You paid VAT in Hungary and you want to have it back? No need to travel to Hungary! FirmaX VAT consultant experts can assist you and represent you in the VAT refund process, no matter whether you are a company from the EU, from a third country or a private person.

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How does it work?

Foreign companies that are not registered in Hungary are eligible to apply for a VAT refund. According to the new EU Directive 2008/9/EC which came into effect on January 1, 2010, enterprises registered in other EU member states must apply for a VAT refund at their local tax administration offices and follow the VAT refund procedures required in their home country. However, sometimes the procedures gets “stuck”, normally because the Hungarian tax authority wants to obtain more information on the nature of the VAT reclaim. The language obstacle and the lack of knowledge of the Hungarian VAT law may make your VAT refund process very difficult. FirmaX can help you with your VAT reclaim. We can assist you during the entire VAT refund process and represent you in front of the Hungarian tax authority to assure that your VAT reclaim goes smoothly.

Businesses from outside the European Union need to send their VAT reclaim application and the relevant attachments to the competent Hungarian tax authority. FirmaX can grant assistance in the VAT refund process of third-country taxpayers and represent you in front of the Hungarian tax authority.

Private individuals may only request a VAT refund, if they purchase goods in Hungary to take to a non-EU country. The Hungarian customs authority is generally responsible for the VAT recovery procedures relating to private persons.

FirmaX local tax consultant expert and administrative team offers a full-scope VAT recovery service to meet the needs of companies of all sizes – from sole-proprietors seeking one-off claims to global enterprises needing a centralised solution for multiple claims.

FirmaX VAT recovery services include:

  • identifying whether the VAT reclaim is possible
  • reviewing invoices on which the VAT reclaim is based
  • preparation of the VAT reclaim form
  • arranging for the signing of the required VAT reclaim forms
  • submitting the VAT reclaim request
  • coordinating the VAT reclaim with the tax authority
  • providing tax consultant services relating to VAT refund

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Did you know?

If you contact FirmaX on any taxation matter, the first consultation, either in person, on the phone or through email, is for FREE!

Clients say about FirmaX:

“Excellent professional approach towards any kind of tax or VAT issue. You get quick responses, easy to understand and you get to know all your options. We were very satisfied with the FirmaX team and will be using this company again if needed.” – Phillip from Köln