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Tax Advisory in Hungary

No matter what business sector you are in, a good Hungarian tax expert is always required and recommended when doing business in Hungary. Unless you are willing to learn the lesson the “hard way”, a good Hungarian tax advisor will help you to identify and solve the potential risks and hitches your business may prepare for you.

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In case you are starting a business in Hungary, proper tax knowledge is not an advantage, but a must. This is the way we think and this is the way we approach all our clients and engagements. Without considering the tax consequences of your project, payable taxes may take away all your profits. FirmaX tax expert team in Budapest is well prepared to assist you and your business in all Hungarian and crossborder tax matters to assure a lawful but – to the extent possible – optimized taxation scheme for you and your project.

Our tax consultant services are mainly designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and private persons, who mostly have international background. We offer comprehensive and integrated tax expert services which allow our clients to find their way in the Hungarian tax system.

Our tax services include:

  • payroll accounting
  • budgeting
  • tax consultant service
  • taxation compliance
  • international tax planning
  • tax structuring
  • permanent establishments issues
  • transfer pricing
  • international secondments of managers (expatriates)
  • representation on tax audits

FirmaX tax consultant experts provide tax advice in all areas of Hungarian, EU and international tax system, among others:

  • corporate tax
  • employment related taxes
  • tax structuring
  • tax transactions
  • tax dispute resolution
  • VAT / Indirect tax
  • tax compliance
  • international tax planning
  • transfer pricing
  • real estate taxation
  • transfer duties
  • environmental taxation
  • heritage and gift tax
  • Hungarian and EU grants and incentives
  • private banking

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Did you know?

If you contact FirmaX on any taxation matter, the first consultation, either in person, on the phone or through email, is for FREE!

Benefits of hiring a tax advisor from Hungary for your business.

As a business owner, you need to look for ways to protect your wealth and this can be achieved with the assistance of an expert tax advisor in Budapest. With proper tax planning, you will be able to save millions of forints for your business so that you will enjoy amazing financial benefits. A great tax advisor will always be present to help your business in managing your business goals and approach.

While having immense knowledge and experience of the tax laws, the tax advisor will offers valuable tax advice in Hungary that is extremely important for building tax strategy for your business. This professional will also offer assistance for formulating and executing these strategies on a regular basis so that you can save a considerable amount of time and money.

Hiring a tax advisor is extremely important for filing a tax return on behalf of your business so that you will not face any kind of legal complications. They will also provide accurate and relevant information regarding income tax return without any delay in tax preparation.

The tax advisor is not only responsible for filling out the tax forms but they look for areas of potential savings for your business. You will get year round support and guidance that is needed for timely tax payment and this can be achieved with the help of the financial expert.

Why Choose Us

The most important benefit of choosing a tax advisor of our company FirmaX is that you will get experienced and qualified professionals. They will assist you to get the desired results from filing of the tax returns on a timely and accurate manner.

The next benefit is that you can always entrust these tax advisor for filing of the tax return on behalf of your business. It is always advisable that you choose a tax advisor whom you are comfortable to talk with so that you can get the best services that you are looking for. You can always interview the tax advisor that you have shortlisted for your business so that you can discuss your business goals.

Checking the credentials of the tax advisory firm FirmaX Hungary will make you rest assured that you are choosing a tax expert who has thorough knowledge of the tax laws in the country. Along with the credentials, our certifications indicate that we are fully competent to handle the tax services for your business.

Clients say about FirmaX:

“During our work with FirmaX Hungary, we felt secure with the professionals we dealt with. The FirmaX tax team have shown an exceptional dedication and knowledge in their field and strive to achieve the best result possible for their clients.”– James from Southampton