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Accounting and Auditing

Upon starting a business, your primary concern is to stay focused on your project. Daily administration matters are necessary, but shall not deviate your attention from the most important: making money with your business!

Accounting and bookkeeping services as of EUR 99,00 / month

The FirmaX accountant and bookkeeper team in Budapest is there for you to take this burden off your shoulder. Our accounting services are especially developed for small, mid-size and fast-growing businesses seeking professional accounting services at fair prices. FirmaX client and business friendly accounting methods are adjusted to client needs and expectations. The pricing policy of our accounting services is established on the “pay as you use basis”. Project companies having no business activity will be billed a minimum services fee and, only when the number of transactions this company is involved in increases, the accounting costs will be adjusted proportionally.

Our professional accounting and payroll experts provide the needed accountant and bookkeeping support services your business needs to grow and expand. Our accounting services include:


  • accounting and bookkeeping compliance on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  • general ledger analysis
  • complete bookkeeping
  • periodic analysis of financial statements
  • preparation of amortization schedules
  • property and equipment depreciation schedules
  • consultation with bookkeeper and accountant
  • summarizing payments relating to payable taxes – amount, due date, bank account


  • preparation of payroll
  • preparation payroll tax reports
  • payroll compliance
  • payroll consulting
  • summarizing payments relating to payable taxes – amount, due date, bank account

Value Added Tax

  • preparation of VAT returns
  • full VAT compliance
  • representation at VAT audits
  • VAT consultation and advisory
  • summarizing payments relating to payable taxes – amount, due date, bank account


Certain company forms in Hungary are required by the law to be audited. In case your company falls under the auditing obligation, FirmaX certified auditors assist you to have your annual statement and other necessary documents prepared and certified by an official auditor.

Did you know?

In Hungary, there is no general auditing obligation for companies. This governmental easing helps to reduce operational and administrative costs for start-up companies.

The Importance of Hiring an Accounting Professional

Running a successful business is a dream of every businessman. There are several things that contribute towards the success of a business; proper accounting is one of them. It is essential to have a strong accounting of the business so that you are aware of the financial status of your business. A businessman that is not serious about accounts and audits may end up losing in the long run. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire an experienced accountant in Hungary that would help you with all your business accounting needs.

Several businessmen avoid hiring any professional for accounting in Budapest. They rather take the load on their self for maintaining the company accounts. It is not appropriate to take the load on one’s self as it becomes overwhelming at times. As a businessman has other important duties to fulfill, it is always recommended to hire services for accounting in the country of Hungary. Hiring the professional accountant will ensure that the businessman is free to focus on more important tasks. When the businessman has a free mind, he will be able to make some real efforts to make the business a great success.

If you have no professional for accounting and auditing in Hungary, you should hire one for the following reasons.

  1. Hiring an accountant will greatly help you as they have extensive knowledge and experience handling accounts. They will help handle your assets while also prepare financial accounts of your business. When you hire an experienced professional, they will also help you by making a solid business plan. They will ensure to predict the viability of transactions with companies so that your business is on the gainer’s side.


  1. The Hungarian accounting professional will also help you by filing tax returns on your behalf. While you are busy in your business duties, he will prepare your tax returns and submit them on time so that you are able to avoid fines and penalties. They would also ensure that the tax filing is done as per the rules, thus, making you safe from unpleasant experiences.


  1. Hungarian auditing specialists are very helpful for giving valuable financial advice. Every business looks forward to increasing their assets while cutting down on costs. As a businessman, you would always want to increase your income while lowering the expenses as much as possible. An expert professional will make helpful reports for your business that you can read and adopt for the growth and success of your business.


When you are looking to hire a company or an individual for accounting services in Budapest, you would get several options to choose from. It is not advised to hire any random accounting professional that you meet. If you are looking for someone to remove the burden of accounting and auditing off your shoulder, you should contact us at FirmaX right away.

We would assign an expert professional for you that will manage all your accounting and auditing needs. No matter what kind and size of business you have, our expert will ensure that your accounts is up to date and free from errors. They would also help your business grow and expand, so contact us right now.

Clients say about FirmaX:

“I rely on FirmaX to carry out the accounting of my company. They make it very easy to monitor all the tax and accounting obligations even if you don’t live in Hungary. I’m very satisfied with all the services I receive from FirmaX.” – Jürgen from Saarbrücken